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The Power of Joy and Laughter

Even in these challenging times, the power of joy and laughter is still available to all of us. Why is this important to know? Because Exaltation is a magnet for all Good. Did you know that? That exaltation or high energy states are a magnet for all Good you seek. Yes… Exaltation and other high energy states are truly magnetic when it comes to attracting the Good that you seek. Which is really something worth thinking about.

   Because once we have metabolized this concept, once we get it, really get it, we won't ever be the same again. Because joy and laughter, exaltation, elation, exhilaration, rapture, enthusiasm, passion, bliss and gratitude are all states of mind which attract every Good thing in this universe.

   If you don’t believe this, try this: Make a mental note of when Good things happen to you and you will discover they happen when you're in an elevated state of mind. And extraordinary things happen when you're in a truly joyful or exalted state of mind—or in love…

   If you still don't believe me... just notice when the phone rings, for starters. There are no coincidences in this Universe. Which means that when you're down in the dumps, the complainers never fail to call. But as soon as your mood picks up, somebody happy calls to tell you some good news.

   Now why is it like this?

   Because like attracts like and Life is a Mind Game.

   Which is also why our present situation almost always reflects our dominant state of mind.

Keep On the Beam

Thus, to have a wonderful life, to be a great success at whatever we're doing whether it's washing windows, working in a supermarket, or managing a mega-company, all we have to do is keep on the beam. And by keeping on the beam, I mean keeping our mental energy high.

   And high states of mental energy include all the praiseful, exalted and grateful states of mind mentioned above including joy and laughter... not to mention love and kindness, compassion, delight and happiness. In short: All of the wonderful deep feelings and emotions that make living a joy.

   Compared to keeping our mental energy high, everything else is of minor importance.

   So if this is so important, how can we keep our energy high?

The Law of Substitution

The great Law of Substitution can help us.

   Since each one of us is the Choice-Maker in our minds, this means that we are the only thinkers in our minds and we can choose what to focus our attention on. So whenever we find ourselves thinking thoughts that lower our energy (for example thoughts that are critical, angry, negative, depressing or fearful), we can consciously choose to replace these low-energy thoughts immediately with more positive, high energy thoughts.  That’s what the Law of Substitution is all about. It’s about learning to be aware of our thoughts and then to replace those thoughts which do not serve us with more positive and constructive thoughts.    

   In this connection, it’s important to remember that when we tell ourselves to stop thinking negative thoughts, we’re trying to do the impossible. Because the mind doesn't work that way. The mind always has to have something to chew on. And when we say to ourselves not to think about this negative thing, what we are really doing is thinking even more about this thing we don’t want to think about. Which only magnifies (focuses more energy on) this negative mental state.

   But the Law of Substitution tells us that we can get rid of our negative thoughts and negative energy states by thinking about something else, in other words, by shifting our attention to something completely different. So as soon as we catch ourselves thinking negatively, we must learn to switch as fast as possible to other, more positive thoughts. In other words, substitute another thought for the negative thought that’s bothering you as fast as you can.

Do Whatever It Takes!

So think about the great fun you had at the beach with your Aunt Mathilde when you were seven years old. Think about how great you're going to look in the new jeans you bought online today. Watch your favorite film again! Or read an uplifting book, listen to some uplifting, upbeat music, call a friend who you know will cheer you up—just do something, anything to substitute a positive thought, a bright happy mental picture, for the negative one that's bothering you.

   If your state of mind is really negative and you are having difficulty substituting positive thoughts for your negative ones, be active. Go for a long, heart-thumping run, go out dancing, go cycling, or take a swim in the ice cold sea. In short: Do whatever it takes to relax, forget and shift your focus from whatever is bringing your energy down to something bright and happy.

Is This Brainwashing?

People sometimes ask me: Is this brainwashing?

   And I say: Yes of course it is!

   And I also say: If we don't control our minds, if we are not the Choice-Maker in our lives, someone else is sure to be.

   Our minds are picking up messages, are being programmed, all the time, every minute of the day—and have been since the moment we were born.

   We have all been brainwashed (programmed) by our parents, by our families, by our society and school and our peers and the media. There isn’t a person alive on the planet today who hasn't been subjected to massive amounts of brainwashing. And just because society calls it "education", doesn't mean it's not brainwashing.

   So I figure that if anybody's going to program or brainwash my brain, it better be me!


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